Coating Type
Ceramic Phenolic Novolac Epoxy

SP-8988 is a unique “Ceramic Phenolic Novolac Epoxy” composite pipe coating. The highly cross-linked Ceramic Phenolic Novolac Epoxy matrix makes SP-8988 pipe coating ideal for high temperature service, cathodic disbonding resistance up to 180°C (356°F). Superior hot pull off adhesion even on 150°C (302°F) coating surface. SP-8988 provides long lasting wear and abrasion resistance plus excellent corrosion protection.

SP-8988 Product Data Sheet
SP-8988 Brush Grade Application Specification
SP-8988 Spray Grade Application Specification
SP-8988 Brush Grade Base MSDS
SP-8988 Brush Grade Hardener MSDS
SP-8988 Spray Grade Base MSDS
SP-8988 Spray Grade Hardener MSDS
SP-8988 Curing Table Curing Table