Coating Type

Used for internal lining of storage tanks and sewage digesters. Advantages: good flexibility, excellent impact resistance and excellent resistance to high temperature cathodic disbonding up to 150 degrees C.

SP-9888 Grout & Sealing Product Data Sheet
SP-9888 Pipe Lining Product Data Sheet
SP-9888 Tank Lining Product Data Sheet
SP-9888 TF (Thin Film) Product Data Sheet
SP-9888 Spray Grade Concrete Application Specification
SP-9888 Spray Grade Steel Substrate for Tank Lining Application Specification
SP-9888 Brush Grade Base Tan 850-901 MSDS
SP-9888 Brush Grade Hardener Tan 850-900 MSDS
SP-9888 Spray Grade Base Tan 850-903 MSDS
SP-9888 Spray Grade Hardener Tan 850-902 MSDS
SP-9888 TF Base MSDS
SP-9888 TF Hardener MSDS
SP-9888 Reference Letter