Coating Type
Anode Fill Epoxy

Ideally used as coating protection for CP test leads, anode and drain lead connections to pipelines. Also used to fill the annular area between anode bracelets on pipelines. Advantages: Isocyanate free, fast setting, cures underwater, high build properties, primerless and good adhesion to steel substrates, Fusion Bonded Epoxy and Fiber Reinforced Plastic.

SP-2600 Product Data Sheet
Brush Grade (CP Anode Fill Epoxy) Application Specification
Brush Grade Base 850-425 MSDS
Brush Grade Hardener 850-426 MSDS
Cartridge Base 850-427 MSDS
Cartridge Hardener 850-428 MSDS
Epoxy Base MSDS [not available]
Epoxy Cartridge Base MSDS [not available]
Epoxy Cartridge Hardener MSDS [not available]
Epoxy Hardener MSDS [not available]